This charred ash garden room snuggled among the lush greenery, features a hidden store, expansive windows and integrated Venetian blinds. The room has a hidden storage area for gardening tools, whilst the main room is the new home for our clients’ fitness equipment and office space


  • Hidden store
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Integrated Venetian blinds
  • External lighting

This Hideaway garden room has given our clients the space they need for a gym and office. The bi-fold doors are mirrored by floor-to-ceiling windows at the back, opening up the room and making it feel spacious.

Gym and office space

Hidden store

The attention to detail is important in all of our garden rooms. The charred ash cladding is coated with oil, to preserve the aesthetics of the timber. A striking room that sets the plants off in the garden – it looks like it has always been there.

The integrated Venetian blinds create some privacy, and the hidden store is so hidden, you only know it is there from the key hole!

Fantastic service from start to finish, the team are punctual, polite, meticulously detailed and respectful to keeping the house clean and noise and disruption to a minimum for neighbours

The level of detail and care and craft is astonishing. It was almost like watching a sports car or fine watch being made in my garden. It has over-exceeded our expectations and given a new lease of life to our property. From a barely used flower bed to a fully insulated, bespoke, artfully designed, fully fitted room for our house: perfect for an outdoor office/gym. If you are considering a Garden Room from Outsiders, we could not recommend a more diligent, professional and reliable team to turn your dream into a reality.

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