Garden Rooms in Epping

Garden Rooms in Epping

Picture a versatile space—perhaps a garden office, a gym, or a snug hideout where your kids can revel in safe fun. Whether envisioning an artist’s sanctuary or a cosy retreat for your family, Outsiders Garden Rooms is poised to transform these dreams into bespoke realities.

Considering a shift towards remote work? Our team specializes in crafting tailor-made garden rooms, transcending the ordinary. Step away from traditional structures and embrace a bespoke luxury garden room, amplifying both your property’s value and your lifestyle. Connect with us today to kickstart a conversation about your unique vision for a garden room in Epping. Let’s discuss materials and designs personalized to mirror your family’s preferences. Collaborate closely with our in-house design team to bring forth your ultimate Outsiders Garden Room, meticulously designed to surpass expectations.

Expand Your Space, Elevate Your Epping Home

Yearning for extra space without the hassle of home extensions? A garden room stands as an impeccable alternative, enhancing your property’s allure by introducing a distinct structure adaptable to your needs. Explore the possibilities—from crafting an entertainment haven with a garden bar to a serene home gym. The desire for additional space resonates with many homeowners, and we specialize in curating garden rooms tailored to diverse needs. Our services encompass everything from installing wall-mounted TV setups to comprehensive insulation for year-round comfort. Imagine alfresco dining or a serene hot tub area surrounding your Epping garden room—your sanctuary, your style. Explore our bespoke garden rooms to discover the potential!

Crafting Your Unique Outsider Garden Room Experience

Backed by over 25 years of construction expertise, our team combines reliable craftsmanship with sustainable techniques to fashion your garden room. Beyond construction, we offer an array of features—decking areas, lighting solutions, smart systems, expansive doors, insulated walls, wifi, heating, bi-fold doors, and more—allowing your dreams to take shape. Collaboration fuels our process; we integrate your ideas with our insights, resulting in garden studios that reflect your vision. Our commitment to sustainability extends to using eco-friendly materials, ensuring comfort through comprehensive insulation and robust power supplies. Dive deeper into our offerings by requesting our brochure through our website or direct contact, unveiling a world of garden room possibilities.

The Benefits of Embracing a Garden Room Haven

A garden room isn’t just an addition; it’s a transformative space offering a myriad of advantages. Imagine the versatility—a tranquil sanctuary for work or creative endeavours, a haven for relaxation, or a dynamic hub for family activities. Not only does it expand your living space without the upheaval of major home renovations, but it also adds substantial value to your property. The beauty lies in its adaptability; it evolves with your changing needs, serving as a home office today, a guest retreat tomorrow, or a serene yoga studio on weekends.

Furthermore, a garden room promotes a seamless fusion of indoor comfort and outdoor allure. It brings nature closer, allowing you to bask in the garden’s beauty while sheltered from the elements. This unique blend of outdoor ambiance and indoor cosiness fosters a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature, contributing to improved well-being and a heightened sense of relaxation.

Moreover, these spaces are designed for year-round use. Carefully insulated and equipped with modern amenities, they remain comfortable regardless of the season, inviting you to enjoy a cozy winter retreat or a refreshing summer escape. The possibilities are boundless—a space for solitude, social gatherings, hobbies, or simply unwinding amidst a scenic backdrop. A garden room isn’t just an addition; it’s an investment in your lifestyle, offering endless opportunities for leisure, productivity, and cherished moments with loved ones.

Embark on Your Garden Room Journey

Ready to turn your garden room aspirations into reality? Let’s begin the journey. Reach out to us directly at 01277 568686 or through our contact page. Our dedicated team awaits, eager to collaborate and bring your garden room dreams to life.

Outsiders design options

We have developed a range of 5 designs to help guide you on your decision and to offer some inspiration. At Outsiders, anything is possible, so we also offer a fully bespoke option.

The View

The View has a full glass front, bringing the outdoors in, and a sleek and minimalist aesthetic

Prices start from £19,899 inc VAT

Garden Rooms The Lodge

The Lodge

The Lodge features traditional detailing including a soffit design for added protection from the elements

Prices start from £20,599 inc VAT

The Hideaway

The Hideaway

The Hideaway offers the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, featuring a concealed storage area seamlessly integrated into its design

Prices start from £21,999 inc VAT

Garden Rooms The Suite

The Suite

With its striking front porch and elegant curtained larch cladding details, The Suite is all about sophistication and style

Prices start from £22,799 inc VAT

Garden Rooms The Retreat

The Retreat

A minimalist flat-fronted style with expansive bi-fold doors and two elongated windows

Prices start from £22,799 inc VAT


Our expert in-house team collaborates closely with you to craft a truly unique garden room that fulfils your vision

Prices start from £22,899 inc VAT