The Suite

Garden Rooms in Watford

Perhaps you’re contemplating a garden office or gym? Maybe envisioning a dedicated space where your kids or teens can hang out safely, play games tucked away, or nurturing the idea of an art studio or leisure area at the garden’s end? Or simply finding the need for more space due to a growing family?

If you’re leaning towards more ‘work from home’ solutions and require a garden office, Outsiders Garden Rooms is ready to assist. We specialize in designing and constructing tailor-made garden rooms, moving beyond the conventional. Our goal? To help you craft a fully functional, personalized luxury garden room that not only adds value to your property but also enhances your lifestyle at home. Reach out today to begin discussing your vision and plans for a garden room in Watford. We provide expert guidance on the best materials for a creation that resonates with you and your family. With an in-house design team dedicated to manifesting your dream Outsiders Garden Room, expect nothing short of exceptional standards in every design we bring to life. Do have a look at our garden rooms page.

Garden Rooms in Watford Give You Additional Space

Are you seeking more space for your home without the complexities and expenses of a home extension? A garden room often serves as a fantastic alternative, augmenting your property’s value by introducing a separate structure adaptable to your needs. We offer the flexibility to incorporate additional features, transforming your Watford garden room into a personalized sanctuary.

Whether it’s an entertainment hub with a garden bar or a tranquil garden gym, Outsiders Garden Rooms is adept at bringing your ideas to life. Many homeowners are currently seeking that extra space, and we specialize in tailoring garden rooms to meet diverse needs. From providing electrical installations for wall-mounted TVs to comprehensive insulation for year-round comfort, or even creating outdoor dining areas and installing luxurious hot tubs, we tailor each space to your specifications. Explore our range of bespoke garden rooms to visualise the possibilities!

The Benefits of an Outsider Garden Room?

With over 25 year’s experience in construction our fully trained and reliable team offer a vast range of experience with a sustainable approach to our garden room construction techniques. Our warranty and aftercare service are second to none, do feel free to ask us about these. We’re dedicated to crafting and constructing your garden room with immense pride. Our services extend beyond mere construction, offering a range of supplementary features including decking areas, lighting setups, smart systems, expansive patio doors,  insulated walls, wifi, heating, bi fold doors , power and hard wired for data, a choice of cladding, and customized woodwork, what ever your dream design we have no doubt we could fulfil it. In the past we have created garden and home gyms to high specifications along side decking areas that house hot tubs, so whatever your imagination desires we can create for you.

Collaboration is at our core; we actively engage with your concepts, integrating them with our own insights and suggestions aligned with your design preferences. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of top-tier, eco-friendly materials in all our garden studios. Furthermore, we ensure year-round comfort by thoroughly insulating your garden room and providing adequate power supply for continuous enjoyment. Feel free to request our brochure by calling us or downloading from the website, this will give you much more detail and information on the type of garden rooms we can create and design for you and the features and benefits that we offer.

Discuss Your Garden Room With us Today

We are ready to help you to proceed to the next step which is contacting us with your ideas for an initial discussion. Feel free to contact us directly on 01277 568686 or via our contact page and our team will be happy to help you.

Outsiders design options

We have developed a range of 5 designs to help guide you on your decision and to offer some inspiration. At Outsiders, anything is possible, so we also offer a fully bespoke option.

The View

The View has a full glass front, bringing the outdoors in, and a sleek and minimalist aesthetic

Prices start from £19,899 inc VAT

Garden Rooms The Lodge

The Lodge

The Lodge features traditional detailing including a soffit design for added protection from the elements

Prices start from £20,599 inc VAT

The Hideaway

The Hideaway

The Hideaway offers the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, featuring a concealed storage area seamlessly integrated into its design

Prices start from £21,999 inc VAT

Garden Rooms The Suite

The Suite

With its striking front porch and elegant curtained larch cladding details, The Suite is all about sophistication and style

Prices start from £22,799 inc VAT

Garden Rooms The Retreat

The Retreat

A minimalist flat-fronted style with expansive bi-fold doors and two elongated windows

Prices start from £22,799 inc VAT


Our expert in-house team collaborates closely with you to craft a truly unique garden room that fulfils your vision

Prices start from £22,899 inc VAT